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Our team members are the heart and soul of Cysic

We ensure to provide best class benefits and rewards, including:

  • Generous benefits to our employees, including Generous compensation package, including a competitive base salary.
  • Stock position in the organization.
  • National medical, dental, and vision plans for our team members and their dependents. Our international team members receive access to supplemental plans to round out their local or national programs.
  • Paid sick days, paid holidays and a flexible time-off program.
  • Work anywhere on Earth with necessary support from us.

Career Openings

We are looking for several ASIC verification engineers to rigorously verify our hardware design. You will work with the hardware design team to develop verification infrastructure and environment. This work is critical to ensure the functional correctness of the design.

Job Duties
  • Develop infrastructure and environment for IP/SoC level design verification.
  • Work with the Architecture / Design / Verification team to develop test plans and new verification components.
  • Work independently on various verification tasks and provide technical guidance to the verification team.
  • Be involved technically in the porting/creation of the verification environment for the new design block, chip-level test plan creation, implementation and analysis coverage, and regression cleanup.
  • Prior experience with PCIE or DDR verification and one of the following: FPGA prototyping/emulator/formal verification.
  • Proficiency in RTL coding with Verilog.
  • Excellent knowledge of design verification methodology, such as UVM.
  • Solid experience with simulation model creation and the testbench build.
  • Strong script language coding skills in Perl, Shell, Ruby, or similar languages.
  • Good understanding of ASIC/SOC design flow and SoC architecture, especially PCIE, DDR, and AMBA(AXI/AHB/APB) bus.
  • Experience in low-power design, clock generation, and control is preferred.
  • This is a remote position. You can work anywhere on Earth with the necessary support from us.

We are looking for a business development specialist who can help formulate the strategy of the company and explore the ZKP use cases. You will be the main point of contact with teams working on projects using ZKP.

Job Duties
  • Help create presentations for clients and investors.
  • Help create blog posts for the community.
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors and clients.
  • Explore and identify business opportunities.
  • Deep understanding of the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Ability to communicate with engineers about business requirements.
  • Ability to speak publicly at industry panels and conferences.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • A strong network of connections in the blockchain community is preferred.
  • Experience working at an early-stage company is a plus.

We are looking for a cryptography researcher with an engineering background. A lot of research work is needed to understand and improve the efficiency of ZKP protocols. You will be working with our crypto and hardware team to improve the hardware solution.

Job Duties
  • Survey existing ZKP protocols through code and papers.
  • Propose new design and optimization for ZKP protocols.
  • Improve our current hardware design with new algorithms.
  • Keep the engineering team up to date with the latest results in ZKP research.
  • Collaborate with universities and external researchers to advance the technology.
  • Strong background in mathematics and cryptography.
  • Fluency in Rust, C++, or similar languages.
  • Ability to read and write papers, and present research work to engineers.
  • Experience in blockchain infrastructure development is preferred.
  • This is a remote position. You can work anywhere on Earth with the necessary support from us.