Generate Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Real Time

We have designed the zkVM-based chip, the Cysic C1 chip, which lays down the foundation of real-time ZK proof generation. Based on this chip, we provide two hardware products, the portable ZK Air and robust ZKPro.

According to the current product road map and design plans, these products are expected to be released in 2025.

1.  ZK Chip
The foundation of real-time ZKP generation is Cysic's zkVM-based chip, the Cysic C1 chip.
Key Features
  • Native Support for Common Prime Fields and Hash functions.
  • Ultra High Internal Memory Bandwidth.
  • Programmable for Both Expert and Novice Users.
2.  ZK Air
Portable ZKP Accelerator.
Key Features
  • Comparable to an iPad charger.
  • Plug and Play Functionality.
3.  ZK Pro
Most Powerful ZKP Hardware System.
Key Features
  • Game-changing combination of Cysic C1 silicon performance and frontend acceleration extension for ZKP workflows.
  • Leading power efficiency design.
  • Advanced cooling system.

Interested in Generating ZKPs in real-time ?